Spent all my money on fuel and alcohol.
Nightmare come tru

I want to be loved and loved and loved


Todd Hido - Foreclosed Homes

I really love this photo set. The way the shadows and light interact with each other reminds me of Hailey

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Everything in its Right Place

The structure down the street is the same dull and mossy shade of green as the dress that barely covers my breasts.
I sit in silence
Considering my cowardly nature as I bask in sunlight on the wooded porch,
My fingers tracing the edge of a mason jar cradled between my thighs.

I am a seeker of trouble
Nostalgic and needy

Recalling the day you cut your hand on the edge of a cup-
A result of your affinity for clean things
Nothing ever out of place.
You tugged at moss between the stones
And swept it into a pile.

I pleaded for it to stay.
It bubbled up between the stones
Filling the empty space with something living

The moss came up anyway.
You will always have your way

I forgot how good the stars look over here

Where does my discontent come from?
Where does my self depreciation come from?

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