I just

Don’t care about things the way I used to


I am such a child, pouring all my emotions onto the interwebs like I am still on xanga and still in 9th grade.

I’m slowly realizing that if you hide for long enough no one comes to find you.

They just stop looking.

I’m really sorry, guys. I have a lot of problems. Stay clear

I am made of dust


Astrophotography from 1908 — 1919

I can’t even describe how much respect I have for early astronomers.

Image courtesy: Yerkes Observatory, Royal Observatory of Greenwich, Mount Wilson Observatory

(via infinity-imagined)

In the morning I hum and comb my hair with my fingers. 
I always embarrassed you. 
My hair ties, fallen out of hair or off of wrists, embarrassed you
You found them under your bed the day you moved
But I could never move you 
I still couldn’t if I tried