Art shows remind me of the ways I don’t want to be. 
How I don’t want to be perceived 
But still I receive 
Looks and labels of the things I am
Small and childlike,
 a mouse of a human, a girl of affluence 
A white and privileged human.

The only heaven I’ll be sent to is when I’m alone with you

Unhappiness always finds me at very inconvenient times

I am a gosh darn mess of a human

huddled under a pile of blankets 
I resume my dreaming 
of people pressing hard 
on my bruised feet 
making even bigger bruises
I am surprised by the size 
the blue in your eyes
seems just as big 
overwhelming even 
do you remember when you pressed 
into the bed with me
before you set yourself free
of my arms 
i couldn’t blame you
even my bed wishes it had 
somone else to sleep with 

I forget how easy it has been for me to disappear. Maybe that’s the worst part. With very little effort, I have all but faded out of the majority of former friends lives.

I should make a better effort, but it feels very intimidating to reconnect with people who don’t mind you being gone

Summer is the best

Sharing feels good

And it’s good to feel good



Sugar High (2013) by Laurence Philomene

just re-posted these because I feel sick today and I still really like this series of mine!

This lady is the bomb. Get at her