On the day I was mad at you
I wore a yellow shirt and a white skirt.
I had woken up with the sun in my eyes.
I hummed as I padded my way down stairs,
collecting dust on the souls of my feet.
Zoe made me breakfast
and put honey in my coffee. 
I remember pulling the spoon out
with gold still clinging to the bottom.

How badly I had clung to you,
and, in spite of Spring, I still do.

Counting the couples in the room standing in a circle while I suck on the stone around my neck.

Struggle Bussssss

I lost a role of film on the bus. I hope that someone gets the film developed and I find the pictures someday on the internet

Michigan makes me very sad.

I will be happy when I no longer need to travel to the places where I once touched you.

"how are you" - Anonymous

I don’t know

I’m a lonely human

But at least I have some good friends

Hello Spring Break