Everyone knows a teacher’s day is never really over, but photographer Aliza Eliazarov wanted to capture that moment as soon as the last bell has rung. 

In “See Me After School,” Aliza uses the power of portraiture to show the immense value of the educators around us.

Powerful Portraits of Teachers After the Final Bell

via Bensonhurst Bean

(via betweenourhomes)

My weekends

A boy 6 six years my senior once laid me on a couch and spoke
sweet words to me.
he told me that he loved my breasts
and asked me why I kissed his neck

I told him,
because he was there
and I needed something to love

On the day I was mad at you
I wore a yellow shirt and a white skirt.
I had woken up with the sun in my eyes.
I hummed as I padded my way down stairs,
collecting dust on the souls of my feet.
Zoe made me breakfast
and put honey in my coffee. 
I remember pulling the spoon out
with gold still clinging to the bottom.

How badly I had clung to you,
and, in spite of Spring, I still do.

Counting the couples in the room standing in a circle while I suck on the stone around my neck.

Struggle Bussssss

I lost a role of film on the bus. I hope that someone gets the film developed and I find the pictures someday on the internet

Michigan makes me very sad.

I will be happy when I no longer need to travel to the places where I once touched you.